• Hollie Keen

A day in the life...

A day in the life of a newborn photographer starts many days, even weeks before a session actually takes place. The planning and prepping needed to pull off a successful session is a full time job in itself. I start weeks ahead of the session, sending out prep guides, contracts, and reminder emails to parents and families. I make sure all the props, outfits, wraps, and blankets have been washed and put in there bags. A few days before the session I send another set of reminders and what I like to call take a breath emails. These emails are designed to calm nervous parents, both first timers and the seasoned veterans. I reassure them that there home doesn't need to be spotless, mom's makeup doesn't need to be perfect, and dad can watch the game after his part is finished :) The day of the session the fun begins, I love meeting families and cuddly little babies. I wake up at a ridiculously early hour to pack the suv, go over any last minute prep, and make sure all my batteries are charged and ready to go. Never get caught with a dead battery, seriously, charge your batteries :) Once I get on location I unload and meet the family, I take a few minutes to do a walk around of the home, looking for the best lighting, and backgrounds; big open windows are great for natural light. Then I get acquainted with the superstar of the session, the baby. Are they a squirmy little energy ball, or a sleepy cuddlebug? We love them all, nonetheless. I start the session with family photos, everyone hair is still fresh, clothes aren't wrinkled, and siblings are still excited to smile for the camera. Next we do sibling images, remember, siblings that are young tend to have a very short window of tolerance for photos. I then take dad aside for some father/baby images, these are always my favorite, dads with tiny babies are the cutest thing. Finally it's mom's turn to snuggle with her new baby and let me capture some adorable images. We wrap the session with superstar photos, cute little wraps, tiny hats, and fluffy skirts. These cute little accessories make there way into some of the images I capture, along with some very tasteful naked baby pics, who doesn't love a good baby booty :) At the end of the day I thank mom and dad for letting me capture their lives for a few hours, and say goodbye, packing up and shipping out. Once I take a breather at home I start the editing process, this takes several hours to several days depending on how many sessions I need to edit. It's fun to see some of the goofy smiles, and funny faces made when families think you aren't watching lol. Once editing is complete I deliver the final images to the family, hoping they love each and every one as much as I do.

Well, it's time for me to say goodbye to you. Thank you for reading the little blog about my life.

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