• Hollie Keen

5 Tips for parents during a Family Session

Tip 1. Kids need a break or two during a family session, make that break easier by bringing some small snacks that don't make crumbs to your session. Pieces of fruit, fruit snacks, trail mix, and the like can be eaten quickly and won't smear all over faces. Cookies, especially Oreo's, can make a big mess. Crumbs will be everywhere–faces, fingers, outfits–and for whatever reason, kids tend to savor eating an Oreo, so the break might take forever.

Tip 2. Don't spend the entire session trying to get your kids to look into the camera and

smile while you yourselves are staring down at the kid. Chances are you've done this, and an opportunity was missed to get that great shot you wanted. Always look at the camera during these posed shots, let the photographer get the attention of your kid.

Tip 3. Let your kids be kids. Let them run, play, jump, and laugh during the session. Some of the best candid shots are captured during this silly time.

Tip 4. Don't be that parent that threatens, or screams at a kid that just isn't cooperating. We have all had it happen, little Timmy isn't having a good day, his shoes are too tight, or his hair is combed the wrong way and he just isn't having any of this photography stuff and he's going to let you know it. That's when mom or dad steps in and "takes the kid to the car" or gives them a "good talking too", call it whatever you want but getting frustrated will not help your session run any smoother. This is the time where we take a break (see Tip 1) or I take little Timmy to explore our location and get some candid shots of him having fun.

Tip 5. Have FUN! This may be the most important thing I tell you. If you look like you're enjoying yourself, your kids will pick up on that vibe and likely have fun too.

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