• Hollie Keen

5 Myths about Newborn Photography

Updated: Nov 9

  1. Myth: It's easy to take pictures of babies, they sleep all the time. Truth: I allow 2-3 hours for in-home newborn sessions, and during that time, babies are often a mixture of awake, crying, eating, and chill. Sometimes they cry the entire time. That’s OK

  2. Myth: Client are easy to get. Truth: Not everyone is willing to let you into their home to breathe all over there new precious baby, especially now. Clients are very wary of strangers and new germs coming to get them.

  3. Myth: Newborn Photography is a quick and easy process. Truth: Most Newborn Photographers spend on average 20 hours on 1 shoot, between the actual session itself and the editing and delivery portion.

  4. Myth: Newborn Photography has to be done in a professional studio to look good. Truth: Lots of families prefer the comfort of home and the look it gives. People tend to be more relaxed at home, thus the photos are more genuine looking.

  5. Myth: Newborn Photography involves elaborate poses and outfits. Truth: You grew a whole person in your belly, let's celebrate the natural state of baby without fluffy outfits and props. Those things are great and if that's what you want I'm happy to do it, personally I think it's cute to dress little Betsy up as an angel, but let's also get that natural shot where mom and baby are bonding while dad watches over them.

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